How To Make Your Own Cat Toys

It's easy to make your own cat toys.  You may think that buying toys from the store is too expensive, or you may just want to make them for fun.  Whatever the reason, making cat toys is easy and inexpensive.  Many of the items may be found around your home!

The Fishing Pole Toy

What you'll need:
A stick, preferably around 2 feet long
Optional: Something to put on the end, such as feathers, old badminton birdie, grapevine, or a rolled up ball of tin foil.  Use your imagination for the attachment!

It's time to construct your fishing pole toy!

The Fishing Pole Toy in action!
  1. Find a stick approximately 2 feet long.  You can probably find one in your yard, or around the neighborhood.
  2. Cut about 2-3 feet of yarn.  The yarn can be any color.
  3. Tie the yarn to the end of the stick.  You will want to tie it very tightly, so that it doesn't slip off the stick during play.
  4. Now it's time for our optional attachment.  Attaching depends on what you're using. What is essential is that you can tie the yarn very tightly around the attachment.  
You're done!  Enjoy hours of fun and play with your cat with your homemade fishing pole toy!

The Super Easy Foil Ball Toy
What you'll need:

It's time to construct your super easy foil ball
Here's the Super Easy Foil Ball Toy

  1. Pull your foil out about 3 inches (more or less as desired) and cut.
  2. Crumple and shape your foil into a ball.  
  3. Optional: You can make your ball even more fun by decorating it!  Attach googly eyes for a face, or color it with some markers.  Remember, have fun and be creative!

You're done!  You aren't required to play with your cat for this one, so you can let your cat spend a little of his energy on his homemade foil ball!